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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • For years I suffered with fibroid tumors and heavy menstrual periods. In 2007 after having many problems I was finally referred by my doctor to a specialist. This is when I found that I had tested positive for HPV in 2005. The disturbing thing is my previous Doctor never told me and when I found out it was 2007. In January of 2007 I was seen for irregular bleeding which was common for me but I became concerned when I started to have back pains. Upon examination the doctor found what they thought to be another fibroid. The doctor took a biopsy and was getting ready to schedule me for a procedure that would enable them to go in and examine my uterus three days later the test came back positive for cancer. I was devastated I was a single 30 year old mother at the time with a beautiful 4 year old son. The ladies at the womens center where I was diagnosed where great but the oncologist they referred me to was very rude and rough during the exam. He asked me when he first walked into the room if I had any insurance which I didnt. I worked part time and attended school. After this his whole attitude changed. I wanted to have surgery and remove the cancer he told me that I should get radiation and thats it. After going back and forth about treatment he told me that he would look over everything and get back with me. He then made me wait almost a month to hear back from him and would not return my calls. Finally his receptionist called and asked where did I want my radiation. Later on reading my medical records he lied and said that he gave me options and that I chose radiation. Although I did not feel right about the doctors decision I went to my appointment at the radiologist and he couldnt believe the doctor had sent me there he also told me that normally this type of cervical cancer would be treated with a hysterectomy and then maybe chemo or radiation. After hearing this I decided to get a second opinion by doing research online and found a doctor out of town and made an appointment. This was the best decision I ever made in my life. This doctor was appalled by the first oncologist treatment diagnoses and explained to me that with a uterus as large as mine radiation would not have helped. I also found out that it was a fast growing cancer that had grown since diagnoses. In March 18 2007 I went into surgery scared and far away from home but fighting for my life. I ended up getting a hysterectomy but because I was so young the doctor decided to leave my ovaries. The good part was I did not have to go through chemo or radiation. Everything was fine until around the fall of that year I started having severe back pain. After several test I was diagnosed with ovarian cyst. In December of 2007 I had both ovaries removed. Although today I have some side effects from the surgeries such numbness in my leg from where my nerves where cut because of lymph node removal I am happy to be alive. I tell my story to anyone who listens because maybe I can help someone who is going through something similar to my situation. I think that Cervical Cancer doesnt get the coverage that it deserves. As I look back I think God that he encouraged me to get a second opinion because I realize that If I hadnt I would not be here. I have been 3 years cancer free and counting.
  • 09-23 -2010
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