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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • 7 years ago I had CIN grade 2 and both high risk types of HPV. In time it went away, but I was told I needed a pap once a year for the rest of my life.

    Fast forward to 3 years ago I noticed a small lump on my cervix that was painful to the touch in the same spot as my previous biopsy (my cervix close to my vaginal opening due to a prolapsed uterus.) I went to a OBGYN and requested this lump be biopsied. He refused stating it was a cyst. As I was having pain with intercourse and pain and spotting, I again expressed to him my concerns and told him I really wanted a biopsy for peace of mind. He flat out refused and told me I \"needed to learn how to live with the pain.\"

    Fast forward a year and a half later (a year and a half ago from today,) the bleeding and pain became worse and I told my family doctor I needed a pap and a biopsy. He refused both and stated that I only needed a pap every 3 years.

    Recently, about 5 months ago, I finally got a new family doctor (which is very hard to find here in Ontario.) She gave me the pap I requested and low and behold it was abnormal. I was referred to an OBGYN who did a biopsy, which came back that I needed a LEEP. The LEEP didn\^t get it all, and I was told I needed a hysterectomy. Every appointment took 2 months in between, something I am not at all comfortable with, which has totaled to a 5-6 month total wait from the initial abnormal papsmear result, thanks to Ontario\^s obnoxious wait times.

    The diagnosis of my LEEP was an Adenocarcinoma in SITU, however it may be more advanced because they do not know how far into my cervical canal the cancer went. I won\^t know until my pathology report comes back from my hysterectomy, which will take another 3 weeks as the wait times here in Ontario are very long.

    So ladies, if you have pain, bleeding, a lump, and some pompous doctor tells you it\^s nothing, or that it\^s a cyst, or hormones, don\^t listen! Take control of your body and your health, because nobody else will.
  • 09-19 -2010
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