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  • Hi. My name is Angie. Im a 36 year old stay at home mom of two beautiful children. I went on Sept 1st to have my pap done, (which stupidly I waited 3 years to get) and was diagnosed with high grade HPV. Im going next Thursday to have my first colposcopy done and Im terrified. Im so afraid of all of it. The procedure, and what I will find out. Im so terrified that I may have cervical cancer. I dont think Ive ever been more afraid in my life. Ive been through so much in my life, so much trauma, and this is just one more thing. When is it going to stop? Im scared, I feel so alone, and I appreciate all of your stories, and all of you sharing what youve been through too. It really helps me not to feel quite so alone.
  • 09-15 -2010
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