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  • In June of 2006 I found out I was pregnant. I went to the OB/GYN and had all the first prenatal tests including my pap. The pap results came back HPV positive as well as abnormal cells. I lost the pregnancy, it was ectopic, and did not follow up till March of last year when I found out I was pregnant again. Again I had the pap and HPV test, again positive and abnormal. My doctor did a colpscopy but did not take a biopsy as I was pregnant. He said the abnormalities seemed to be moderate to severe, which frightened me but we couldn\^t really do anything till I delivered, so I kinda forgot about it till my 6 week check-up, postpartum. My pap again was abnormal. At this point we did another colpscopy with biopsy, the results came back as mild dysplasia. so my doctor decided to take the \"watch and wait\" approach. We did another pap in April and it came back abnormal once again because of the persistence, my doctor decided to go ahead with the LEEP procedure. In May I had the LEEP procedure done, and got my results if few weeks later. Severe dysplasia and a 1mm area of microinvasive....cervical cancer. What? Not me! Yes me! Thankfully it was all caught in the LEEP and I required no furthuer treatment other then follow paps, it was still very scary. And still is. I had my first pap post LEEP, along with another colpscopy and endoceverical currettage. I had mild abnormalities, tested negative for HPV and the ecc came out benign. Thankfully everything seems to be going well. But it well always be a fear of mine. Cervical cancer is real, and it doesn\^t matter who you are, your race or age, this cancer does not discriminate. My cancer could have been prevented but I chose to not go to my annual check-up. Please know it is preventable! Go to your check ups!
  • 08-25 -2010
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