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  • Hello,
    I am Christi, 46 year old, mother of 7. As I read each story here, i get more and more worried, and feel for each and every one of you for your scary journeys you have endured. I am in the beginning stages of \"finding out\" about whether or not I have cancer. It started after a baby having an abnormal pap that was about 9 years ago, but that turned out to be changes from giving birth. (hopefully) they were right. In 2007 I had an abnormal pap, CIN1, + for high risk HPV, colpo done, and Endometrial curettage, with same results, but advised to come back every 6 months, and no treatment was given. June of 2009, normal pap, (still questioning this one, because I know paps can be done well or not depending on the doc.

    Now present day, had a pap 2 weeks ago, found atypical glandular cells, recommending follow up with specialist to rule out pre-cancer or cancer. From what I have read, this type of cell is much rarer than the typical squamous cells found, and more often represents a serious condition. Of course that has me reeling, and worrying about the future, and what I will do if I need surgery. This also brings up questions in my mind of WHY the different docs I have seen over the years did NOT see my symptoms of heavy clotty periods, spotting for 5 days before and 3 days after, and occasionally in between as anything but chocking it up to perimenopause, and maybe I should read a book about it!!! This past period I had 2 weeks of spotting, and a very very foul odor, the spotting was more like yellowish brown, \"old\" blood, not true menstruation.

    I am completely scared of what may happen, and what I might hear when I go to the specialist. I am glad I found this place, it seems like a comfort!
  • 08-24 -2010
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