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  • Wow...glad to hear that I am not alone. I was diagnosed 10 1/2 years ago and had a tracholetomy. We had some scares along the way, but I am now cancer free. I was 27 years old and although I did have a son I still wanted more children. Finally, after multiple IUI treatments we became pregnant this April but unfortunately we lost our son on August 18, 2010 at 4 months gestation. According to the Doctors there was nothing that could be done as I was 1 1/2 cm dilated. My water had not broke and there was no stress on our son, but we were only give the option to deliver as they said my stitch was tearing. We are heart broken, and have so many questions that need to be answered and we don\^t feel like we are getting anywhere with the Doctors. At this point I wish I was still living in the city where my original surgery was preformed because I feel like the doctors were not educated enough to how much of a high risk pregnancy we really were. At this point we are willing to try anything, the Doctor that did my original surgery is stumped as to why this happened and he is gathering all the information from the Doctors that took care of me here. So hopefully we will get the answers that we are looking for. Luck to all of you on your roads to recovery. You will be surprised how strong you can truly be.
  • 08-24 -2010
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