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  • Update to my story from 2000. This really started in 1992. I had my first experience with cervical cancer 4 months after I got married. It scared me so bad, newly married and her you have an abnormal pap you need further tests. They ended up doing a cone biopsy.

    All was well for 7 years. I had 2 beautiful daughters. I kept up with my check-ups. In the fall of 1999, just over one year after my youngest daughter was born I heard those words again "abnormal pap".

    More biopsies and a even a leep (wire biopsy) and they still were not sure they had it all. After much thought I decided that it was better to have a hysterectomy and so I could be a mother to my daughters.

    I can say now it was the best decision ever. I know it is not the same for others but it was for me. This September will be 10 years cancer free.

    The moral of the story is go for the annual get checked. Caught early and you can have a family. If you have to go through it again do what is right for you and your situation. Be strong.
  • 08-16 -2010
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