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  • Im 35 years old and feel like my life was put on hold when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer 13 years ago. I am wondering if anyone else knows what I mean when I say that? My evolution through life has been stunted. My friends get married and have children and I dont because I cant have children. When I was 23 I had a radical hysterectomy to remove my cervical cancer. I am now healthy, for the most part. Minus the occasional trip to the ER for the cipro or levaquin prescription to treat my recurrent UTIs - one post-op side effect I have is a neurogenic bladder. However, I did not have to experience chemotherapy or radiation therapy. I know I should be thankful. But Im sad and lost and am not sure what to do with my life. Does anyone know what I mean when I say that its hard to go to bridal showers, weddings or baby showers? I have lost many good friends because I simply removed myself from their lives. I want to be happy for my friends - however - its hard to put on a fake smile over and over again. Why is there not more support for cervical cancer survivors? Why is it so taboo to discuss? I think we need to talk about it more - educate more people - both men and women. There needs to be acknowledgment for the long term side effects that cervical cancer has on the people it comes into contact with.
  • 08-14 -2010
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