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  • I will never forget when my gyn called me and asked me to come into her office. It was a Monday morning, I knew that she was going to diagnose me with Cervical Cancer. I was shaking all the way from my office to hers. My husband and 2 year old daughter met me there. My gyn walked into the exam room and told me what I had been fearing all along. It was Cancer. I had just turned 30 and my husband and I had been talking about baby #2.

    I had seen my gyn the week before. I had another abnormal pap smear, they were common for me, and she wanted to do a colposcopy. I also informed her that I had recently noticed that I would bleed during intercourse. This of course concerned me because it never happened before. During her examination she told me that she was concerned about how my cervix looked and also that my cervix was not centered like it should be. It had diverted over to my left side and it would bleed every time she touched it, she decided to do a biopsy. Needless to say when she called me into her office the following Monday I knew why.

    She referred me to the best Gyno-oncologist in the city. He diagnosed me as stage 1b2 and after undergoing chemo, internal and external radiation I had a hysterectomy less than a month ago. 2 weeks after my surgery my oncologist informed me that he received the pathology back from my surgery and that they did not find Cancer anywhere else. I do not need to undergo anymore treatment at this time but I will need to get checked every 3 months. I feel alive again! I^m still recovering from my surgery and no, it was not easy but, I^m Cancer free now. I know it^s not easy, it^s down right scary. There were days that I wanted to give up but you can^t! Don^t let it break your spirit no matter how hard it gets, if you do then the Cancer wins, don^t let it win. No matter what negative or morbid thoughts may enter your mind there is always something to fight and live for. If nobody else, who better to fight for than yourself?
  • 07-20 -2010
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