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  • Hi, I^m 25 years old, I had my first period when I was 14. I remember having constant vaginal discharges ever since then, that I knew weren^t normal. When I was 17 and my sexual curiosity was awakening, I went to the gynecologist for the first time. She also noticed my abnormal vaginal discharge and prescribed antibacterial vaginal creams. They always worked but only for no more than 6 months at a time. Before i decided to become sexually active, my doctor had notices white spots in my cervix. I underwent treatment with vaginal creams again and at that time it seemed to work. Before I had sex for the first time, I had changed doctors at least 3 times, for I was not feeling any of the previous ones!

    I had boyfriends with whom I^ve always used some type of protection and knew it was a monogamous relationship. I^ve only had 4 partners and lost my virginity when I was 21. I became a ski instructor and the constant traveling made it hard to follow a strict more precise analysis, diagnostic and treatment of what I^ve had for 10+ years now.
    In 2008 my white spots were still there but my discharge had gone down a little. I was out of the country until this year when I went to another gyn I feel extremely comfortable with. I had a pap and noticed a lot less discharge again yay! but my white spots were covering 3/4 of my cervix and were as white as a ghost !! She did a biopsy and will get results next Tuesday. However, she scheduled a laser surgery for the 29th. She said if we didn^t take care of it now, I would for sure have cancer. She^s constantly trying to calm me down and being very supportive of my delicate situation. But I cant stop thinking that I^m only 25 and I^ll get diagnosed with cancer. I cant sleep and have massive heartburns.

    I^m trying to stay as healthy as I can, eating good, working out every day twice a day, trying to relax and be doctor said a lot of times, our psyche can definitely affect out physical condition as well. But all I can think of is today^s electrocardiogram for my pre-surgical exam and next Tuesdays maybe, maybe not debacle!
  • 07-15 -2010
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