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    I, like you always get my yearly paps. Last year i had one come back abnormal. Of course i went through six months of tests and my dr.\^s office was almost like a second home. In the end i needed to have surgery. When I talked to my dr. about options she suggested that i have laser surgery instead of some of the other procedures, such as a LEEP. The reason we went with this is because i am only 25 and still want to have children like you. She said that laser was better for my future chances to conceive. I have now gone through a year of normal paps! everytime i received a clean pap i felt like i had won the lottery! If you have a chance i would talk to your dr about possible other surgery options to ensure your fertility. I do suggest asking questions. What we went through is not an easy thing to deal with, but their are options. Do not feel bad about crying. I did it too. This is a VERY scary thing to go through. You are not alone! We have all done it. It does not mean that you are weak...just having the strength to be proactive about this is amazing. You are a strong woman and will make it through this! Please keep us posted!
  • 07-07 -2010
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