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  • I was diagnosed in Jan 2006 with stage 3B cervical cancer. I had internal and external radiation, along with low doses of chemo, and the Dr. thought it was gone. One year later it was back - in my lungs. Distant metastasis is stage 4B, and I have been in treatment most of the last 3 1/2 years. Some treatments like the 1st systemic I tried, I cannot take due to radiation damage(low platelets from chemo will make me hemmorhage.)My 2nd round was a clinical study, Erbitux, which lasted 9 months. In between those 2 I had an embolization when it tried to come back in my cervix. I have currently been on Navelbine for more than a year. Big C is growing very slowly, & I will know next week if I can continue this treatment. I AM BEATING THE ODDS THIS VERY MINUTE! NEVER GIVE UP!!!!
  • 06-27 -2010
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