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  • I received a phone call from my doctor\^s office in Jan. 08 your pap came back abnormal...Oh that happens all the time its no big deal... was my response...did I hear the hesitance in the nurses voice???? I dont know but that began a long battle battle that I never wanted to engage in...

    I went back for further testing... to make a very long story shorter... I was finally diagnosed with 1B cervical cancer... and scheduled for a radical hysterectomy...which I had on April 4 2008...Thank God for my support which came from my wonderful friends and co workers... I recovered quickly but... In July 08 my pap came back showing some cancer cells and even though my wonderful Oncologist thought nothing could be wrong my biopsy showed a few cancer cells....What does that mean???? Well it means Radiation and Chemotherapy... I was terrified... my therapies went so well I was able to work all the way through... I had 28 radiation therapies plus two internal yea!!! those were fun...along with with 6 weekly chemo\^s.... I know this sounds crazy but my chemo helped my endure the radiation... so far lots of crazy side effects... but I am here and I am strong and I thanked God every time I under went therapy because I knew the treatments were helping me beat Cancer! My support was unbelievable My friend gave me a card everyday before treatment... she and her husband bought me a special live strong shirt and jacket to wear to treatments...and they provided live strong bracelets for all of my co-workers to wear until I completed treatment... Bottom line you need support...I pray everyday that I remain strong and far so good...I go for check ups every three months....I thank God for my friends and family I hope that each of you have the support you need to get through this.... We have to support each other... I just participated in the Race for the Cure in St. Louis I wish there were something for the rest of us because were survivors too...
  • 06-22 -2010
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