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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I am 29 years old i was married eight months and have a beautiful daughter age 1 yrs at the time i received the news i had stage 2b cervical cancer on my daughters first birthday and when the press was full of such sad time jade goody story. i had not had test for 10years and had no symptoms which gave me any idea that i had cancer so this news devastated me and my family i felt like my whole world had ended and was going to dy and i was so young and had a beautiful family that i would leave behind and what would happen to my baby girl i wanted to film every second of my life from that day of that newsit was soul destroying but i got through it with my amazing family their love and support and a fantastic team of consultants at cambridge.Luckily i was able to have a radical tracheletomy and no further treatment was needed apart from3 monthly check ups i am now sat waiting for that letter to come back saying CLEAR until the next 3 months which is such a stressing time.i feel like last few months have been exhausting and i will probably get hit with the fact that i had cancer next year your world goes so fast from the day you receive that devastating news and it doesn^t sink in till one day your sat and suddenly think about what a devastating time you have been through. i would never of got through this without my family and seeing my baby girl every day thinking i got to be strong as i in your life forever.i am so lucky to be here and not needing further treatment and still with a chance to have more children. life is so precious so please take care of yourself and go for checks and dont leave it late like me i am so fortunate that i had it in time that it did not take me from been a mum and living my life see my daughter grow up.

    since having my op i also had my lymph node removed which has caused me great pain in my right thigh and numbness i have tried lots of pain killers and my consultant said it was my nerves causing this pain does anyone else suffer the same please help me with any advice. ?????? thanks and take care be aware love to you all keep positive xx
  • 06-20 -2010
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