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  • I had never had a "bad" pap. I gave birth to my youngest daughter when I was 40. I returned for my 6 week check up and was given a pap at that time. The pap came back normal. About 6 months after the birth of that baby I started to have bleeding after intercourse (never any pain). I knew that it was not normal but I never thought that I could have had cancer. The bleeding gradually got much worse. It was not even a year since my last pap, I called and made an appointment to see my ob/gyn. I bled very hard during the exam. The doctor said that she thought that maybe I had a polyup on my cervix and that was where the bleeding was coming from. Under general anesthesia I was given a biopsy, when I woke after the procedure the doctor had left but had told my husband that everything went well. I returned to my doctor 3 weeks later and was told that I had cancer of the cervical canal and that only 2% of women with cervical cancer have this type. I underwent a radical hysterectomy and thankfully none of my lymph nodes showed up with cancer. I did not have to have chemo or radiation treatment. I was very lucky at the outcome. My doctor has been wonderful and has taken very good care of me. I am now "almost" 10 years free of cancer. I have tested positive only once for HPV. Apparently it comes and goes. I probably contracted the HPV sometime in the 80^s? I think I had it many years before it actually surfaced and became cancer. I don^t think years ago, they checked for HPV as part of a pap screening. Any way..good luck to everyone who is fighting this type of cancer. If you are having signs that something is wrong-bleeeding during or after intercourse..DO NOT WAIT, it will not go away. I was very lucky. The key is catching this early!
  • 06-15 -2010
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