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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • Hello ladies. I^ve read some of these stories and believe me I^m not looking for any sympathy either! I hate 2 feel like I^m being pity^d on. I^m so use to being this strong,happy person and now I^m sick,weak all the time.weak emotionally n mentally.and that\^s causing me to b weak physically.I^ve been having abnormal paps for awhile and jus a week ago my GYN called with very disturbing news.I knew I had HPV but as you all know,there^s a lot of different types of it.I^m just the less fortunate because the disease has caused problems.I dont have cervical cancer,but I^m @ the stage rite before it.I\m so terrified!I\ve done many colposcopies, Im just so upset they didnt detect ths all I^m 22yrs old wrecking my dr.sent me to a cancer specialist and we spoke about me having a surgery called the L.E.E.P.they make it seem like its not a big deal.but I can^t believe I^m even going threw this,I^m so young.and I know I have a slight chance of having children & lord knows I want a child.but I guess its not his plan 2 let me conceive.:\ (..I just cry everyday..I dont know what else to do.
  • 05-12 -2010
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