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    I am not a doctor, but i do know that lots and lots of people (they think around 70% or 80% of the US population!) have HPV. Most of the people never have any problem with it - their bodies control it without any intervention. But sometimes, our bodies dont control the HPV, and this is when it leads to problems like abnormal cells. But even when you get abnormal cells, a lot of the time your body still ends up taking care of it/getting rid of them all on their own (especially if the abnormal cells are only mildly abnormal) So just because you have abnormal cells doesnt mean it will eventually become cancer, especially if you keep on top of it with your doctor. I think doctors get a little more worried if we are in our 30^s and have a persistent positive HPV test - i guess people in their 20s are frequently testing positive for HPV and then their bodies take care of it, but once you get to your 30s it is more unusual for the body not to have completely controlled the HPV ... but still, the doctor told me that it is not unusual for it to take over a year for your body to "clear" the HPV on its own... so even if you test positive for hpv and even if you have abnormal cells, that does not mean it will eventually become cancer - either your body will take care of the abnormal cells on its own, or the doctors can help you get rid of them ... but try to stay positive - it is much more common that hpv does NOT lead to cancer - remember, the women on this website are a very small segment of the population - most people with HPV never have any problems from it... Since you are having some problems, it is of course very important that you keep on top of it and go to your doctor to get checked regularly, but as long as you do that, you shouldnt expect to ultimately get cancer ... its not impossible, but its probably unlikely.. good luck to you.
  • 05-12 -2010
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