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  • Hello - I^m not sure how worried I should be, so I found this site to see what other women were experiencing in regards to complications from HPV. When I was in my early twenties, I had a colposcopy and cyrotherapy for some dysplasia (HPV was unknown to me at the time). All my paps since then have been normal, until now. I am 35 years old and always have regular pap tests (mainly to have my birth control prescription re-filled). This past September, my pap came back normal but they said I had high risk HPV. So I had a follow up pap in April and the result was the same. We scheduled a colpocopy and the doctor did see some abnormal cells that the pap didn^t catch. I am currently waiting on the results. I have read a lot of your stories and it seems that when HPV is involved, the situation evolves into cancer most of the time. That perhaps its just a matter of time. Thats what I wanted to ask, how many of you had HPV that turned into cancer at some point and what was the time frame? Sometimes I get very scared and other times I feel as if Im worried for no reason. I moved here in July 2009, so I have only been to my gynecologist 3 times now and she seems to be very good. Although I feel I have to ask all the questions and it seems a little like a "wait and see" kind of thing. From what I am reading, it seems fairly serious that I^ve had the HPV for about a year or better and now there are abnormal cells discovered in the cervix. If these two paps missed the abnormal cells, then the pap I had the year before could have missed them as well. The fact that the HPV is not resolving itself doesn^t seem like a good sign. It scares me to think of going through exams and procedures for months and months only for it to turn to cancer inevitably. I am single,I have no family here, they are all several states away, and no one close to help with treatments if that becomes necessary. My doctor seems hesitant to answer my questions about "the next step if...." and I feel I need to be prepared. I don^t necessarily think that cervical cancer is a death sentence, but I^m wondering if I need to be thinking about what kind of arrangements I would need to make at work and with family.

    So my question is......if I have high risk HPV and I now have abnormal cells discovered from a colposcopy (or they have been there awhile undetected by my pap tests), what are the chances this will turn into cancer? I have not told my family that this is going on, I don^t want to cause undue stress and worry for them. And, in some way, it\^s less stressful for me if they don^t know. Also, I want to let everyone know that although some stories have scared me, it^s also been good to experience the "cervical cancer community" and see that there is hope. My prayers and support go out to all of you, you are so very strong.
  • 05-07 -2010
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