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  • I am 26 years old with a three year old boy. I have had problems for many years. The drs. stated that it may be endometriosis and gave me yasmin which i took for seven years. During my pregnancy i went from 94 pounds to 174 and was put on bed rest at 4 1/2 months. I went for visits weekly after diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I had a yeast or bacterial infection every visit and left with creams. After I had my son my problems go much worse. I was hospitalized with an infection. Not too long after i had two very large kidney stones that had to be broken up. During my follow up no one could tell me the cause of them just that my urine showed a lot of levels low. I lost my insurance and still don^t have insurance so i didn^t get paps for three years. I did go to a FNP that didnt^ test me either just gave anxiety meds or depression meds. For the last two years i have been very miserable with nausea, vomiting and pelvic pain as well as bloating and lower back pain. My bowels have become irregular and eating is a chore. I currently live in a multi-family situation so the fnp has relied heavily on answering these problems with stress related answers. i finally got to the point where i was fainting running fever during my cycle and the pain is daily. I was sent to a clinic that told me i had high risk hpv, they set up an app 6 months away so i decided to use the saving i saved to get a place to live on my own and figure out if that had anything to do with my problems. I went back to my fnp with the findings and requested an ultrasound. It found ovarian cyst with bright echos in the uterus. I wanted to understand that however the clinic told me to google those results. My fnp did a cbc the revealed low blood sugar and wbc elevated. She gave an antibiotic. I decided to go to a different gyno who then did a biopsy of abnormal cells found in my cervixs and gave me the cin 1 diagnosis. When i asked him if that was the reason for the pain he stated it was not and that i would need to wait for my June appointment because he couldn^t handle the cyst. I have all of my results and still am unable to find out the type of cyst. The gyno did do another cbc and discovered blood and protien in my urine and stated it was from a uti. Nothing was prescribed. He did a leep on my cervixs and it came back hpv high risk chronic and acute cervicitis. I still didnx^t receive any antibiotics. Why canx^t he put all the pieces together and help me feel better. Why will no one treat all of it. I spent over 5k trying to find the answer to why i feel bad. During my leep my dr. stated that he couldn^t remove all of the spots because one was entirely too large. However he didn^t note it in my chart. It makes me so mad all of the money i have spent to get a solution and all i get is more results with no explanation. How is that? Anyone with similar results? I^m so frustrated and wish now i hadn^t have spent all that money getting tests i have no clue the meaning to or connection.
  • 04-29 -2010
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