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  • I am 25 years old & fear the big "C". 3 and a half years ago, I demanded an HPV test with my annual pap. Came to prove I had severe high-risk dysplasia-type 16, which the pap did not show. A LEEP put me in the clear. The past 6 months I have been experiencing mild to severe pelvic/lower back pain, discharge, and abnormal bleeding that is increasing. I just had my period 2 weeks ago, now I^m gushing blood again. I am not on any birth control. Over 10 years of various type have put major damage on my body hormones. Just last week I went to Planned Parenthood to investigate. I demanded an HPV test and told them my story and woes. Since I am not yet 30, I cannot get an HPV test. Bummer.

    My questions are for the younger population: Did these symptoms arise with your experience? Are there any organizations that DO HPV screenings for my age? If my pap comes normal, what are my next steps?

    I just have that gut feeling that I have or will soon get cervical cancer. P.S. We are fortunate to have this forum! I have been searching for this for quite sometime & hopefully it can turn into a cause like the Breast Cancer Society.
  • 04-27 -2010
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