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  • Hi there, my name is Jessica, and I am 33 years old. I was diagnosed 8/21/2009 with stage 2b cervical cancer. I was told 6 weeks of chemo n radiation, then internal radiation ( which was a nightmare ) then a complete hysterectomy. everything went in that order and i had my hysterectomy 1/16/2010. Im now cancer free, and feel more lost than i ever have in my life. Menopause makes no sense to me and theres not too many people my age going through it that i can talk to and no doctor that can explain it to me. All of the treatmeants and surgery went by so fast i just know it was the scariest, worst 9 months of my life. theres so much support out there for breast cancer, it makes me feel like even though i survived this cancer its not good enough.
  • 04-23 -2010
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