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    My name is Michelle and I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 27, 6 months after I was married. I had/have great Dr.s who looked at every avenue to help me protect my fertility as much as possible, but haven\^t had much success yet. I flew to Arizona to have a very rare operation done, but it was not successful because the cancer was starting to spread through my lympnodes. So, they were supposed to perform a hysterectomy, but decided to do something else instead. I have all of my "lady" parts, and my ovaries are still producing eggs, but no periods. I can try the surrogate route, but haven^t been successful.

    Being 32 now, I don^t know where my life will take me, whether my husband and I have children in our lives or not. Maybe it is not my destiny. It^s just so hard to think that I no longer have the option to have a biological child. So, if you have children, you are the luckiest ladies in our survivor line and know that. At least you were able to enjoy being pregnant, enjoy bonding with someone that looks, acts, and wants to be just like you. I fear that I will not know this kind of love or bond. If you have learned anything from our experiences, I hope that it has been to not take things for granted in life.
  • 03-27 -2010
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