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  • Hi my name is Brittany and i\^m from Ohio. I am 16 years old and my mother is battling cancer. It first started back in 2005 when my little brother was born. He was born at SOMC in Portsmouth, Ohio. It was a cesarean birth so when the dr. took him out of her he could see her insides through her stomach. At the time I was 11 about to be 12. The doctor seen a tumor in her cervix and just thought it was nothing so he cut into it and just left it alone. Come to find out that tumor was a cancer tumor and it needed to be removed. So because of what that doctor did that\^s the reason why my mom is living with cancer today. So the cancer spread throughout her body so they now call it terminal cancer. Before she found out, she was having vaginal bleeding constantly and she started bleeding out very big blood clots. She finally went to the doctors and she found out it was cancer. We were all very devastated and at that time she had 4 children: A 16 year old, a 12 year old, a 6 year old and a baby that was only a few months old. She started off with radiation immediately and had to stay in Columbus, Ohio at a hotel that was close by the hospital because she had radiation everyday and she was too sick to come home. We had my older step-sister there to help watch us and the baby while we went to school. Well my sister was 2 months pregnant so she was constantly sick so it left me in charge to take care of the baby. So ever since then I have been raising 2 boys and it makes my life so hard. She was also doing chemo a few times a week. Awhile after that, she went in remission and it made all of our lives happy. A little while after that..the cancer came back. We then didn^t have a clue of what to do. We were all devastated. She hasn^t done chemo in awhile and a week or so ago she went to see her cancer doctor to see if she could take chemo again so it could help her and her doctor told her that she doesn^t need to take chemo anymore because it won\^t help her and that he couldn^t see how she was still here and that he can\^t do anything else for her she has to leave everything up to the good Lord and the only thing they can do is when she calls they can send hospice to our home to help. This is very sad for me and the rest of my brothers and sisters. I wanted to send this story for people to read so they can see how hard cancer is. It\^s never easy for the person with the cancer nor for the people that love them. I turned 16 in September I am graduating this year in May (1 year earlier than I\^m suppose to) and i^ve been raising 2 children since I was 12. I go to school and then i come home to clean my house and take care of a 4 year old until the 11 year old comes home from school. I just hope and pray God can see how much we love her and how much we need her and I hope he will make things better for her and for us.
  • 03-15 -2010
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