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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I would be reaching my 3rd in remission on April 9th. I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer Stage 3B in September 2006. After Chemotherapy, radiation and \"almost\" three years of being cancer free.... I get a call from my Gyn yesterday to schedule a Colpo because my Pap results came back abnormal (LSIL; Mild Sysplasia and High Risk HPV)
    I\^m not sure what to think other than \"Here we go again\". I\^m terrified again. I keep researching on the internet to find something that tells me it\^s not Cancer. Im scheduled for my Colpo at the end of this month and I cannot focus on anything else. The weird part of this....I work for an Oncology Dept at a Hospital. I sitting here typing while my desk is holding someone elses Cancer notes. I love my job and get satisfaction that I can make a difference in their lives with what I do, but when it comes to my health, my life, my cance....I\^m a wreck. I\^m afraid to talk to my coworkers about it because they will just panic and start asking the million questions again.
    Has anyone gone through this? Had my results after three years of remission?
  • 03-11 -2010
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