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  • this message is for Kita.
    I just wanted to tell you that a total hysterectomy means that they only take out your uterus - not your ovaries - so you would not go into menopause and you would not need to take hormones. A radical (or modified radical) hysterectomy means that they take your uterus and some of the tissues in your pelvice wall and vagina (modified they take less). WHether they do a total or a radical depends how advanced cancer is. Removal of the ovaries is called an oophorectomy and this is what causes you to go into menopause. I believe it is the case that they dont usually do them for cervical cancer unless the cancer is pretty advanced. I know it is scary but having a hysterectomy is not so bad and you get use to it intellectually and emotionally. Make sure they keep checking the vaginal wall, but try not to worry and good luck to you...
  • 02-16 -2010
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