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  • Hi , My name is jessica Iam 30 and mother of 4 .I justed had a biopsy done a week ago. Iam a nervous becauses my dr told me my pap wasnt that bad , but I was having bad bleeding after sex and pelvic pain she would take a look for a piece of mind for the both of us . I told here i had these symptoms since I was 25 but my docter said it was normal probly stress ,and that I was to young.after I told them my 1st cousin had a full hyst done at 27 . i was diognosed with dysplasia after my daughter was born . I was checked every 6 mnths .I told my docter i would bleed after sex and would hurt . they told me it was from breastfeeding I thought was crazy is that I havent had a period in 3 years . they told me its because I breastfeed my son then had my daughter a year later and breastfeed her as well. no periods but bleed after sex . Iam not a docter but something must be wrong. So I swiched docters a women because I thought she would understand . She told me I was to young to be tested for hpv and wait for my pap it came back abnormal she siad it was from my dysplaysia she did not want to do furter testing and she gave me a small pill and I got my peroid the next day. I felt like I was crazy I knew something was wrong. The next year I went to the er in the worst pain in my stomach it was worst then labor . Iwas dizzy and naushish and couldnt stand my ears were ringing .I was in the hospital for a week I had mri and catscan but there was nothing he said it was probably cyst and released me . The pains continued when went home .I then went to a womens hosp .they did a exam where she felt inside me she felt a lump the size of nickle so a went for internal sonogram they couldnt find it so that was end of that no further test were done ,and so was I . I felt like it was no big deal because that was the response I was so use to hearing. I still had pain and lived with it , didnt have sex because of the pain and bleeding. since the docters told me it was nothing my husbnd told me I was lying and it didnt hurt . needless to say Iam know divorced and still dont know whats wrong Iam so tierd and weak just not myself know I am on Zolft for depression or is something worse. I have a boyfriend now when we have sex uthe bleeding is horrible . but after words Ill clean off and i wont bleed the next morning. I was told by my family docter i have a lot of blood cells in my urine. so now once again I found a new docter . she did my pap and said my cervixs was so bad she could barely swab with out me bleeding. She then seen me a month . when she came in the room she said your pap wasnt bad and she wanted to take a look with the scope plus she gave me cream when it was bleeding. she wanted to see if it helped. iam just goig to look she assuerd me that is it. with in 10 to 15 min she calls the nurse and takes 3 pieces of my cervix to be tested she got really quite when i asked her if she seen adormal cells she said yes she said she would have my results in 2 weeks she told me not to have intercourse until i talk to you she didnt tell its nothing like i was so used to hearing she seemed shocked and she didnt want to talk it wasnt like her Iam so scared I want to now if any one has comments
  • 02-05 -2010
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