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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • Im so glad i found this page. Ive read some of the stories which are really hope giving! On November found out i have cervical cancer 2B. Today i had my 19th radio out of 25 which i will have and on Monday going for the 4th chimio. In the end i will also have 3 internal radios (brachitherapies). I feel very weak and quite bored of that nautia feeling and bad taste that i have all the time. Hope everything goes well and to be able to write here again as a trully survivor. Thanks for being here to tell stories that really help and lots of strenghth to all of you! Please if you have suggestions on how to deal better with nautia pls advise. Also as a heavy smoker 1 & 1/2 pack per day havent make it to cut off completely but i only smoke 6-7 cigarettes per day now i would appreciate to know what other smokers did. Thanks in advance.
  • 01-29 -2010
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