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    I am back again. After my oncologist told me the exciting news that I am in partial remission, I decided to see an onc. gyno. He was awful. He thought he was God, downplayed all the success I had in 6 months, belittled me and my doc. Told me as he was literally pushing the door closed that they are just trying to keep me alive as long as possible for stage 4. Nevermind he didn\^t see my petscan showing such a quick reduction. He said probably a year I would have. I said why? He explained that the cancer eventually finds out about the chemo and becomes more sneaky, But what not of the human spirit, natural meds, hope, my youth, and future cures out there? Dont listen to any cold person with 100 degrees on his wall tell you non-chanlantly that you are going to be a stat. He did break my spirit for a day. but really I see him as an undereducated sadistic doctor who needs to get some bedside manner and lose his God complex. They can\^t tell our futures!
  • 01-22 -2010
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