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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I am too a Cervical Cancer survivor! Yeah! It has been a continuing roller coaster in my life. I have been cancer free for almost 4 years now, but I have occassional visits to the ER and become admitted to the hospital for obstructions caused from radiation.
    Here is my story...
    I became pregnant after 7 wonderful years of marriage. We found out in August we were going to have a baby boy and we were sooo excited. My pregnancy went pretty well. By the time I got to routine weekly check-ups my doctor soon had a concerned look on her face. When she did the exam in November she felt a lump on my cervix. She had another OBGYN come in and check it out. They both agreed that it couldn\^t be cancer because it was so large and fast growing and it was not noticed in May. I guess I must have purposefully pushed it out of my mind for the sake of the baby. I had a normal delivery-baby was fine, as was myself, but when I went in for a check-up 7 weeks later I was told I needed to get this lump biopsied. I have had routine check-ups since I was 18 (at this time I was 30) I still didn\^t have any concerns after the biopsy. I do beleive now that my son is the reason. He was my main focus! I found out just a few days later (on the phone at work) that I had Cervical Cancer and that I would need to have a radical hysterectomy. WHAT! First of all, I didn\^t even know what the radical part even meant. After 6 long hours of surgury (Because my uterus was so large from just giving birth less than 2 months ago) All of my lymph nodes were neg. and they thought the margins were clear of any cancer, I was in the clear...clear of cancer...with lots of hope. My tumor was the size of a lemon. I was sent home a few days later- a 4 hour+ ride home. I had a cath. in for 10 more days and began local check-ups. Each time I went to see a Dr. I would have shocking news. \"well, the margins were only .1mm away from your bladder, so we need to get you started on Radiation.\" When I meet with this Dr he says \" You need to have Chemo. along with Radiation.\" Ugh! My husband and I were so scared. We were hoping that we made the right decisions. I went along with the 7 week Chemo/Radiation and 7 chemos and 28 radiation treatments later. I was back to work. Only a month later I ended up in the hospital again for a week to have part of my intestine taken out because it had turned into \"mush\" due to radiation. I survived one more surgery-once again needing the help from family and friends to help me take care of my now 6 mo. old son. I am very happy that I survived cancer. I have been cancer-free for almost 4 years. I still have hospital visits for abdominal pain, etc. but I have my life, my son, my husband , my family and many wonderful friends! If any of you are going thru this. Talk with your family and friends and let them know how you feel. I wish I would have. I think I have kept so much bottled inside to help my family stay strong- I always forget about ME! I have so many wonderful, happy days, but then those tough days decide to sneak up on me. It may be that I am not feeling well, I\^m tired, I had a scare at the last apt., but my biggest and worst \"bad days,\" are the ones where I look at my beautiful 4 year old boy and wish that I could give him a younger brother or sister and that I know I can\^t provide that for him. I am told so many times that we can adopt. Beleive me, I would love to, but financially we just can\^t maybe even emotionally. But when all is said and done... I look at my beautiful boy and thank God EVERY day that I have him! He is my angel. If I didn\^t have him I don\^t think I would be here today. My pap came across the desk of my Dr. the day I had my Hysterectomy and it was NORMAL! They may not hae found it until my yearly exam which would have been 11 months later! I still beleive that having routine check-ups is the right thing to do. But they aren\^t always accurate.
  • 01-20 -2010
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