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  • Well, here is my story. I found out about 2 months ago that I have a mass on the outside of my cervic\^s not conneted to the wall.
    I was told by a phsycians assistant that if I did not basically do as she told me. I was as good as dead.
    I went in for a pap an she saw thqt mass an said you have cancer. I began to cry an she said lets just call it dysplacia. Well, she had done said the \"C\" word. Then she said she was going to go get someone else to look an see what she needed to do. The other lady asked her if she had did the pap on me. The PA had not done the swabbing yet. The other lady told her she needed to do that an then send it off an see how it come back. Well, it came back an inconclusive. Then she had me come back a week later to see a gyno, and I heard him out side the door. That he did not believe the results of the pap. He did a biop, an he said he would do radation on it, but the PA told him that she had told me that they could just take out the uteris. She wanted to cut on me before she ever got the results back from the pap.

    Right now I am looking for another doctor to help me out. I sort of can\^t afford to go to a doctor cause I don\^t have money nor do I have insurnce of any kind.
    I have the power of prayer right now, an will continue to do so. I feel somehow someway I will get rid of this cancer an be able to let you all know I am a survivor.
    I have way to much to live for an am not going to give up to get cured.
    So if anyone out there knows of a doctor or a GOOD clinic I can go to that is around Southwest Missouri area Please let me know.
    Thank you!
  • 12-27 -2009
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