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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1996. I went through surgery, radiation and chemo! I deal with the side effects every day but am grateful to still be here. At the time of diagnosis my husband said the Drs. told me I had a 40% chance of survival (my cancer had spread to the lymph nodes). By the grace of God I have been cancer free now for almost 13 years. I have learned a lot on my journey to be cancer free; what kind of man I married (the best, he even cleaned up when I vomitted without a grimace,an ewwwww, he just did it)and if I could have one wish for you or any would be please please please do not become another statistic, go to the Dr, get your paps done. I wish I had!
  • 12-21 -2009
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