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  • Hello everyone, I am Stage 1b, cervical cancer with 25 external treatments and 5 internal treatments. I\^ve had about 12 external so far and I am having my 3rd internal tomorrow, am anxious because I just had one on friday and it went fine but I did have some intense cramping and diahreaha this weekend I plan on being one of the victorious who have no permanent side effects from radiation. I am also doing acupuncture along with the radiation. It is hard and carries a hell of a punch but I\^ve been through so much in life I find it hard to believe that a 2 cm tumor is going to end me! I was doing really great until this weekend I think the culmonation of friends who are sick with flu and cannot be here to help coupled with the fact that I will be in this hotel of recovering and battling patients for Christmas and New Years has me in a bit of a downward funk and I am doing my best to know this is a temporary state of being and to not allow this feeling to carry over to my treatment tomorrow. It is very hard to find an appetite. Fluids...pushing the fluids!!!
  • 12-20 -2009
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