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  • I want to say WOW! to all women and their stories. I am a 26 year old woman who has suffered from abnormal paps since the age of 20. Every year it was the same thing, go to the gyno every 3 months, after a year have a biospy and then repeat. It was never ending. In June of 2009, the doctors said that this time it was precancerous. My heart dropped, I was recently married and we had started trying to have a child. what did this mean?? That was all that would go through my head. The doctor\^s did another biospy and said that they have found precancerous spots everywhere they biospied. I was sure that I was in for a hysterectomy. My doctor was awesome and did a cone biospy one month later. I had my repeat pap done about a month ago and all things were clear. He even said that if he had not done the surgery himself, he would have not known that I had surgery. It has healed greatly. I wish that I had found this website when I was going thourgh everything. It has been an inspiration to myself and family. Everyday, I am still a little scared that it may come back. However, hearing your stories and victories, I know that IF that moment happens that I will SURVIVE!!!!
  • 12-17 -2009
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