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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I was diagnosed in May 2005 with stage 1B(?)cervical cancer.
    Initially I underwent a stagging procedure to determine if the cancer was localized. One of the many lymph nodes they tested was positive so my treatment was to consist of 5 weeks of radiation with a weekly dose of chemo for extra kick. The radiation and chemo were very taxing and I lost so much weight that my 5th chemo was actually cancelled. In an effort to protect my bowel from the internal radiation treatments I was to recive, I underwent a laprascopic procedure in which my surgeon protected the bowel as best she could with viceral fat. Once I had healed from that procedure, I received 5 Brach Therapy treatments where the radiation was administred directly to the tumor site. My tumor was 6cm when it was finally discovered upon my insistance that I be checked for cervical cancer. My pap smears which I had religiously done on a yearly basis did not detect the cancer. Anyway, it is 4 and a half years later but I am having a hard time with my bowel/intestines which have been damaged to some degree by the radiation. I have seen many doctors and had two subsequent surgeries to remove an adhesion on my pylorix and for bowel obstruction.
    I still suffer sometimes twice a month or more with bouts of vomiting from a temporary blockage that seems to occur spontaniously. I am very careful not to eat any high fiber foods and yet, I still have this on going problem. My weight is very low 106 I am 5\^7\" and I\^m having a hard time
    trying to get ahead of the game. I gain some weight only to have stomach trouble set me back again. The doctors don\^t seem to offer much help. Is their anyone who is also having trouble with their intestinal track and how are you managing. When I feel well I feel perfectly fine and work out 6 days a week, work parttime 5 days a week and basically have a good life. I will be 55 in Jan. and I am looking forward to celebrating my 5th yr. anniversary as a cervical cancer survivor.
  • 12-15 -2009
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