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    I plan on being a cancer survivor. I looked to this section for hope and stories of surviving but saw mainly scared women as myself. I have stage 4 cervical cancer. All my paps were clean and regular. About 9 months ago, I started having syptoms: bleeding, etc. I went into the ER and even said :I think I may have cancer. They did all the tests except a biopsy (the only way to detect cancer) and said I was young, 35, probably hormonal, nothing to worry about. Those months after they sent me home put me into stage 4. I am so angry they didnt listen and request a biopsy and that I didnt know at the time paps can miss it and a biopsy is the only way to really know. BUT i plan on living. I just finished radiation and im in chemo now. I cant do the surgery yet because it has spreaad to my spine, leg, etc. I feel goood some days and I am definately an advocate in my own health care. I say when I dont feel something is right. It is our bodies, we deserve to be heard. Always push for answers and the treatment you deserve. This is a battle but we live in a time that many cancer patients survive, even stage 4. If you have later stages and are survivors please write me. Or write me just to help me keep inspired. I am in Southern CA. and looking to put together a support group if anyone is interested. KEEP THE FAITH AND LETS ALL REMEMBER EACH OTHER IN OUR PRAYERS. WE CAN BEAT THIs
  • 12-13 -2009
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