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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • Hi to all!
    A few months ago I posted my story here and now just want to give some updates.
    A little background of mine: dx January 22, 2009 (my cancer was actually discovered after my d&c because I have a miscarriage-9weeks pregnant October 2008. I keep ignoring the letter from the hospital so I wasted 3 months prior diagnosis) squamous cell cervical cancer stage 1b1. tumor 2cm. wertheim\^s hysterectomy February 16, 2009, no further treatment.
    I finished 2 post-op check-ups and all were clear except they discovered a complex cyst on my left ovary 4cm but after 3 months shrink to 2cm so they are still watching over it. Another concern is that on my right ovary they discovered they thought is lymphocytes about 4cm, my gyn-onc says it does not seem to be malignant and my CA125 is normal. They just told me to be back after 3 months for follow-up, that is on January 2010. My gyn-onc says that lymphocytes are common complication of hysterectomy. I wonder if anyone out there have the same situation or experience? I would love to hear your stories.
    So far I am feeling good and upbeat but there are also times when I get worried from other pains that I feel here and there, I can\^t help but to connect it all to my diagnosis and surgery.
    God Bless you all men and women who are fighters and winners of this horrible diseases, You are all in my prayers.
  • 11-16 -2009
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