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  • My name is Suzanne. I just found this website a few moments ago. As soon as I began looking at others stories of strength and survival, I felt somewhat whole again. I was just diagnosed with stage 2/3 cervical cancer with 1 lymphnode showing cancer. My lungs are clear and the cancer has not invaded any of my uterus or ovaries. I am hopeful and trying to remain strong through this difficult time in my life. I begin radiation and chemotherapy soon. I am scared but know that a positive mindset, hope, faith in God and good supports will get me through. My husband plays the Rocky theme song everytime we have to go to any doctors appts, etc. As silly as that may sound, it\^s really helped me get pumped to fight this battle. Thank you all for allowing me to feel comfortable in sharing my experiences.
  • 11-11 -2009
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