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  • Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to give you all an update. Since my last post I have seen two different Gyn\^s and both did a colpo. The first I saw on Oct 30th, and he indicated that the colpo showed \"exactly what the pap showed,\" abnormal ASCUS, high risk HPV+ and adnormal epithelial cells. he said it was no cause for concern right now and that he wanted me to have a pelvic ultrasound. I had the ultrasound on Nov 4th and it turned into a transvaginal ultrasound, but has since come back normal. However, on Nov 6th I saw the 2nd Gyn that my Family Doctor referred me to and she too did a colpo and then indicated she needed to do a punch biopsy at 6 o\^clock, once in there she indicated she also needed to take 10 o\^clock and it hurt like hell. She told the nurse it was bleeding alot, and she needed alot of swabs to clear out the blood. I lay there in agony, alone having told my husband he didn\^t need to come with me because it was just going to be a colpo. Then the doctor informed me that she also needed to take a biopsy from 1 o\^clock, which hurt the worse and took the longest because she said it was further up and in a weird spot. This one was bleeding even more than the other two and the doctor asked the nurse to hand her more more swabs and more of the medicine to stop the bleeding. over an hour later and she said for me two get dressed, and that she wanted to see me in two weeks. She said it takes two weeks for pathology to come back and we would discuss results and treatment at that time. She said she thought it was \"stage one, maybe two\" at most. I went home, called my husband and cried....not because I think I dying, I know I will beat this, but because I was in pain and bleeding a lot and still am. I have some scab-like discharge, and I had to call the doctor at 10PM that night because I had ridiculous pain when I urinated that got worse as the evening went on. She called in Cipro and that made it better.
    I am hopeful that whatever comes our way, my husband and I will handle it, I am just hoping that it was caught early enough and that we can get through whatever treatment is needed in good spirits and with faith! The waiting makes me nuts, but I will get through this!
    I pray for all of you and thank you for all the prayers and well wishes sent my way! I will post after my appt on Nov 18th.
  • 11-10 -2009
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