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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • Back in March 2009, I was a 28 year old wanting to have a third child. I already have been blessed with a girl and a boy, but my husband and I were talking about one more. I went for my annual physical and got my pap smear. I have always had clear pap smears except during my son\^s pregnancy where I had precancerous cells, but after giving birth, my pap smears have been negative for the last 2 years. The dr. told me that I was having a lot of bleeding during the pap smear, but I didn\^t think anything of it until I got the call two days later. The bleeding was from the tumor that she saw during the pap smear. I then came in the following Monday and had a biopsy that came back cancer.

    I met with my gynecologic oncologist and we did PET/CT scans and determined that I was Stage 1 B 1 cervical cancer. We scheduled me for a radical hysterectomy and lymph node dissection on March 24, 2009. My dr. left my ovaries and tubes since he thought I wasn\^t going to need radiation and also so that I wouldn\^t have to go through menopause. Unfortunately, I did end up having to do radiation. No lymph node involvement, but pathology came back and said that my cancer was very aggressive and it was up to me what I wanted to do. Lots of thinking and talking with my husband and dr. and we finally decided to do the radiation. I had 28 external and 3 internal radiation treatments and finished at the end of June.

    Now I am just dealing with the after effects of radiation. In August, I had a PET/CT scan and all looked good, except for a cyst on one of my tubes that doesn\^t look cancerous, but will have a sono this month (November) to determine if I will need more surgery.

    If I can give any advice it would be to please get your yearly dr\^s visits. I know they can be uncomfortable and time consuming, but it may save your life. I believe if I hadn\^t gone, then I would be a lot worse off now than I am. Also, definitely if you have a significant other please make sure you are very open and honest with them. The treatments are hard to get through and then dealing with the side effects for the rest of your life in some instances can be very difficult. I am so fortunate that my husband has been there for me and is working with me especially when it comes to the side effects....menopause at 28, now 29 is tough, but it can be managed and dealt with.

    Stay strong and you will get through it. God bless.
  • 11-06 -2009
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