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  • At what point do you take the bull by the horns and get a hysterectomy when you have high risk HPV? I\^ve been dealing with dysplasia and CIS on and off for 4 years. So every 3 months to a year I am going in managing lesions with biopsies, LEEPs and what not. I\^m tired of doing this but know if I stop these \"irritants\" will turn into full blown cancer in no time at all. I\^m 34 and have yet to have children but wonder if a hysterectomy is an option after I have kids or if I decide not to. I know some women have mastectomies if they test positive for the breast cancer gene or have a family history. Can I choose a hysterectomy since I test positive for high risk HPV and have been spending so much time battling off cancer? I think I\^m just tired - tired of going to the doctor and tired of spending days on end worrying while waiting for my test results.
  • 11-05 -2009
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