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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I am a 3 1/2 year survivor of papillary adenoid carcinoma of the cervix. I was told it was rare and very aggressive. (It\^s actually the type of cancer normally found in the ovaries. It\^s rare to be in the cervix.) I had a radical hysterectomy. It was Stage 1b, and 2 of 15 lymph nodes were positive. I had 7 weeks of simultaneous chemo and radiation treatments.

    Not long after my surgery, a breast cancer survivor told me that \"having cancer was the best thing that had ever happened to her.\" At the time, I thought the woman had lost her mind. But now I know what she meant. Having cancer strengthened my faith in God, it helped me realize how much my friends and family love me and how much I love them, and it made me appreciate every day of life.

    I wrote this poem last week for a friend who has been diagnosed with cancer, but I hope it will help any of you who are facing this disease that CAN be beaten!

    It takes a strong woman to hear, \"You have cancer\"
    And not come apart at the seams.
    It takes quite a while to come out of the fog
    And realize it\^s not a bad dream.

    It takes a strong woman to go under the knife
    Not knowing what tomorrow may hold.
    It takes the possibility of facing death
    To learn lessons more precious than gold.

    It takes strong friends and family to support you through
    The difficult days of recovery.
    And as time passes by, the depths of their love
    Will be an amazing discovery.

    It takes a strong faith to put your life in God\^s hands
    And pray, \"Lord, not my will, but thine.\"
    But you pray every day that His will may allow you
    More years of precious time.

    It takes a strong woman to conquer the fears
    And face each new day with a smile.
    And though there are times you cry in your pillow
    You find strength to go on the next mile.

    It takes a strong woman to know in her heart
    That God is with her each step of the way.
    Through healing and treatments He\^s always there
    With more strength to get through the day.

    It takes a strong God to give all that we need
    To fight sickness and fears and woe.
    Our God IS strong and mighty and loving.
    He\^s with us wherever we go!

    You ARE a strong woman - of that I am sure.
    A survivor I know you can be.
    So trust in His word and rely on His love.
    Your strength comes from Him - you\^ll see!
    Brenda Oct. 2009

    I wrote this to say, \"There IS hope!!\" May God bless each of you.
  • 10-22 -2009
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