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  • my name is ashley. i am 17 years old. i was born with HPV because of my father. in 06 i was diagnosed with cervical cancer. i was 15. i had 4 colposcopies and radiation. i was cleared about a year ago and everything was going fine. a week and a half ago i got pap results back from my gyno. the cancer is back. i am engaged and in love. we are having a hard time going through this together. hes a great guy. we wanted to have children but i have little to no chance of being able to concieve now. i have had too much of my cervix taken and so much damage has been done to my body. i am not looking for sympathy, just someone to talk to who understands. i am scared. i am too young to go through this. thank you and God bless.
  • 10-19 -2009
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