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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I am now 46 years old, and in December I am looking forward to my oncologist telling me that I am 5 years free from my cancer!! I did get my check ups and even had three of them done in as many months, along with x-rays because of very heavy unusual bleeding. One day my husband stayed home from work because he was worried about my bleeding that had turned to hemorrhaging. He found me in the living room almost unconscious and so off to the emergency room we went. After more x-rays, exams and finally surgery to stop the bleeding, they found a tumor slightly larger than a golf ball.
    I went through the chemo and six weeks of radiation and then two rounds of internal radiation, which meant three days of laying still in the hospital each round.
    Now I have two problems: Very painful sex with my husband and continual diarrhea and problems with my intestines because of scarring from the radiation. Does anyone out there have the same problems and possibly ideas to help. I try very hard never to complain, but these two issues really can interfere with life more than you would think.
  • 10-11 -2009
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