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  • First of all, I would like to thank the NCCC for this website and secondly all the women and loved ones of women dealing with cervical cancer who have shared their experiences here. I have found out so much about cc from this and had most of the questions I had answered, that health care providers couldn\^t answer. So far, I am up to page 77 and intend to read each and every post. I live in the UK and my journey was sparked by Jade Goody\^s death on mother\^s day earlier this year. Although I was never an avid fan, I had a lot of sympathy for her and her two boys. She was just a year younger than me and a mother of two boys just like me. I couldn\^t imagine leaving my two children so young, and that compelled me to make an appointment for the smear test I had avoided for years (approximately 8 years) due to the fact that the last (and I think first) time I\^d had one had been uncomfortable. I never realized the importance of a smear test before and was ignorant to cancer in general as I thought it only ran in families, and have no history of cancer in my family.
    My appointment was scheduled on the 6th of April and got the results by post in June. Needless to say, it was abnormal and showed mild dyskaryosis. I was then scheduled for a colposcopy in July during which I was able to view my cervix from a monitor screen and could see the affected area which turned white after a solution was applied. I also noticed that the middle bled during swabbing. The doctor told me she found a suspicious spot at the 11 o\^clock position which she sampled for biopsy. She reassured me not to worry and advised she would perform a repeat smear. My results came back in August as mild dysplasia CINI and that the smear test was normal. My next test will be in 6months time in Feb\^2010 to see if it spontaneously resolves or if there is any further change to the cells. After all the research I have done so far, I have come to the conclusion that generally, this is the beginning of a journey that will in time result to cervical cancer. I have also over the years suffered gynecological problems, including recurrent infections, pain during sex, heavy periods fertility problems, consecutive miscarriages, uterine cysts that seem to resolve themselves, polycystic ovaries etc I have also suffered from a dull pain and numbness in my right leg for the last 10 yrs (since my oldest son was born), lack of energy, sleepiness and fatigue after slight activity. I\^ve had all sorts of tests performed which so far have shown nothing to explain all this, but I have always felt something was wrong and it was being missed. I have also been chronically anaemic for as long as I can remember and was only better for a short period following a transfusion after the last miscarriage two years ago. I have a small lump under my right ribcage which my GP dismissed as a lump of fat (I\^m 5\^6 and weigh 9.5st at my heaviest) I have unexplainable weight loss and have recently started experiencing daily pain in my right upper back and chest. I do not have cancer, however, I have found that a significant number of those with cc have had the same symptoms as I\^ve had. I am not a pessimist but I am preparing myself for the worst should I ever have to deal with it. My mom went through 20+ years of back, leg and pelvic pain and countless x-rays, scans and tests until she finally came to England where she was diagnosed with an egg sized tumor on her spine, and a melon sized one in her uterus as well as fibroids. She had spinal surgery and a hysterectomy and thankfully none of the tumors were malignant. She had to learn to walk again due to nerve damage, developed diabetes and other complications but has since accomplished so much including a degree in counseling. She is my inspiration and I draw strength from her strong will. I am very scared of what the next test in Feb will show. I am telling all the women in my life to keep up to date with their tests. My prayers and encouragement to all those dealing with cervical cancer no matter what stage its at. To Casey, i am very sorry to hear of your miscarriage, I am all too aware of the pain associated, wish you all the best with the rest of your treatment.
  • 10-10 -2009
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