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  • I\^m 18 years old and 3 months ago my life got flipped upside down. I found out I was going to be expecting my first child in August. I was so excited and could not wait. My boyfriend and I have wanted this for so long, yes we are young but we both have our lives together and we knew we could do it. (you may be thinking a child is harder than what people think, yes i do know that but ive also raised 2 kids that were not mine from their births) anyway, I posted a story on here when I found out about my cervial cancer, i was due to have my surgery back in August but due to the pregnancy things got delayed of course, well it is now october and i have lost the baby a couple weeks ago. I had my appointment with my GYNO on Tuesday and he examined me too see what is going on. Well, the cancer has moved up into the canal of my cervix. I was schedule immediatley too have my leep on the 16 of this month. I\^m very nervous. When I first found out about the cancer, i was mortified because it was caused by HPV and I thought that I was just another person who didn\^t use cautions. I thought my life was over from then on. I didn\^t talk too anyone about it because I figured noone could ever understand and then I joined the NCCC group and read all of you ladies stories and I realized that yes, I am eighteen and it does suck that I have to or anyone else has too go through something like this and I sat back and thought about things the other days all types of cancers run in my family on both sides and I thought \"if this is the only cancer i recieve throughout my life then god has blessed me\". I have changed my outlook on life so much since the cancer was brought up. I\^ve lost people and gained all of you. I just need some advice on one thing...What if after my leep surgery things come back they are worse than what they thought? I don\^t want to get ahead of my self but now thats all I think about..What if they tell me the only thing left to do is a full hysterctomy?
  • 10-01 -2009
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