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  • I see so many strong Wonder Women on this site, that I just have to add to it. Where to start, I am 35 with no children. I went in for my annual, (since that was how I obtained the magic pill)on June 28th, 2009. I had no worries since I haven\^t had an abnormal since I was 18 and didn\^t know the pap do\^s and don\^ts. I was called on July 1st with we need you to come back in. I have to say, I went through my day before my pap, and of course took a bubble bath before hand, a huge NO NO, so when I went in for my follow up I had no worries. I heard words, words, words HPV that is known to cause cancer, words, words, words, abnormal cells. I have to admit, I knew nothing about HPV until I saw the vacine commercials. My Doc, who I have to say is the greatest, did the follow up, and I left with no worries.
    Three days later I recieved a call to come back in, and then I became concerned. I had a friend come with me, for support, and the most awful experiance of my life was about to begin. My Doc said that the results came back Adreanal In-situ, and that before scheduling the cone she needed to be sure that it had not spread to the Uterus. Knowing the drill, I dropped Trow, got into the stirrups, and awaited the exam. I heard that there would be cramping, but I wasn\^t prepared to feel violated. She did a uterine scrape, as I clung to the nurses hand, crying.
    Afterwards, I called my mother in tears. She immediatly drove from NM, to CO in record time. I did a bunch of research before she arrived, and with all the info, I gave her best and worst case.
    The day of my cone arrived and I was soooo positive that it would be gone. No such luck. A week later I was in my Doc\^s office for my follow up and recieved the bad news, Endocervical Adrenocarcenoma, well indifferiated. As I left I was on the phone with the GYN Oncologist!!!!
    I have to say, he thinks that I\^m a little nuts, after asking him where he was going, he had just talked to me, and was leaving the room to let me get ready for my exam. I told him he did not have to go anywhere, I knew the drill. Then I asked him if he could go ahead and install the revolving door, since I have had more people look at the Lucy than I care to remember. He told me the keep my positive attitude and I would recover, NO PROB.
    My Hyst is scheduled on the 7th of October, I am calling It my EOC date (expullsion of the Cancer) and as long as there are no cancerous cells in the nodes and glands surrounding my women walls, no radiation!!!!!
    Just last week my friend Robin gave me a Wonder Woman card that I have proudly displayed on my fridge and my boyfriend points to when I have a moment. I am trying to keep my sense of humor about me, and think possitive, I will tell you, it gets harder as the EOC date gets closer. But, I will overcome this, I am stronger than this, because I am the AMAZON PRINCESS!!!!
  • 09-27 -2009
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