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  • Hi I am a 26 year old mother of Two beautiful girls!
    Last month a few days after my yearly GYN check-up, I received a call from my doctor that my Pap Smear came back showing A-Glandular Cells and she had me schedule to have a Colposcopy. I had my Colposcopy last week and during the examination the doctor discovered a Cervical Polyp, which she removed along with a biopsy from the 2 o\^clock position of my cervix. The very next day I received a call from my doctor, and was informed that my polyp came back Moderately differentiated Adenocarcinoma. She immediately referred me to UVA where i will go this week to have a MRI and CT Scan performed and meet with a GYN-ONC specialist. I received the results of my biopsy a few days later and was told that it came back mild dysplasia, with cervicitis associated with HPV. I was wondering is anyone has had a similar experience of having a Polyp that is cancerous and a biopsy that is not. I\^m just trying to stay positive, because I\^m pretty scared.
  • 09-19 -2009
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