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  • About 3 years ago I went into get a pap smear and the results came back that I had HPV. After getting a colposcopy and biopsies done, the docter said that I had CIN II/ CIN III and because I was 21 at the time, he wasn\^t too concerned about it. He told me that had I been 10 years older he would have required that I get a LEEP procedure done. After monitoring it for 2 years with monthly colposcopies, he said that pre-cancerous cells had disappeared (he didn\^t have an explanation for it) and not to come back for six months. The first pap after went well and a couple weeks ago I went back for another. I just got the news that everything\^s back. I have a new doctor now, who reassured me that he had done thousands of colposcopies. When I went in for my appointment, they had the machine hooked up to a laptop, so for the first time in 3 years I got to see what my cervix looked like. Now I\^ve done quite a bit of research on the subject and know, that affected cells look white under the light. So I was horrified to see that my entire crevix what white and it had 3 or 4 little red grainy bumps clustered together (which I\^m not sure what that means). The Dr. said he didn\^t even know what to biopsy. He gave me some medicine, hoping that I had a vaginal infection that had made it look worse and told me to come back as soon as I finished with the meds. But they can\^t get me in for a month. So now I\^m terrified....there\^s a knot in the pit of my stomach that they\^re going to tell me I have cancer....

    Has anyone gone through something similiar?? Any words of incouragement, I just feel like crying all the time.....
  • 09-16 -2009
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