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  • I had an abnormal discharge for over a year before I did anything about it. You see, at the same time I had been experiencing horrendous pain in my left leg bone. I mean it was bad and still is. That was my main focus for over a year and I was too embarrassed to get my discharge looked into. Eventually it got ridiculous, to the point I had to change my underwear 2 - 3 times daily. I almost thought I could be leaking urine because the discharge was thin, watery and smelled like ammonia. But it turned out that it was coming from my cervix. The only other weird thing that happened 2 years ago, was I hemorrhaged for 5 days after intercourse. But at the time the gyno put it down to fibroids. Over the past few months I noticed my period becoming strange, instead of my blood being dark like it is usually, it was fresh blood the entire time. Those were my only \"warning signs\" and I was literally diagnosed last week stage 1b, but I guess my question to everyone is have you experienced similar pain in your leg bone? I think it must be related to the cancer even though my doc doesn\^t think so.
  • 09-11 -2009
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