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  • Hi, I am a 25 yr old Cancer survivor. I was Diagnosed at age 22 exactly 2 days before ny 23rd b-day stage 1b1 cervical cancer and exactly 2 days after my b-day I had my first of 2 surgeries. I had been told since I was 17 that I had an \"Atypical\" cell during my paps that could become cancerous. So since then all paps were abnormal. It was not until i was about 21 that i started to think that something was wrong. Before and after every female cycle Iwas bleeding heavily with any slightest touch to the cervix. Me and my ex-fiance were trying to have a kid. I took all different kinds of ovulation tests and different kinds of things to see why I was not able to conceive and it was not until he left me that I found out why... The first procedure I had was a LEEP and when that did not work a month later I had a Hysterectomy. The cancer had spread to my uterus, so the immediate removal of the cervix and uterus was done. I am 25 now with no children and can never have none of my own. I am cancer free now and have been since June 21,2007 the day of my last surgery and have came back in the clear every 3 months since then. My advise to everyone is to just live your life as if it is your last day on earth cause you never know what can happen... And remember to keep your head up cause everything will get better. God Bless You All and just keeep praying and I will pray for you as well.
  • 09-08 -2009
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